The Mary Smokes Boys - Patrick Holland

The Mary Smokes Boys

The Mary Smokes Boys

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A novel about horse thieves, broken promises, love and regret. Patrick Holland captures the fragility and grace of small town life and how one fateful moment can forever alter the course of our lives.

‘The Mary Smokes Boys is a gem. The writing is absolutely terrific and the characters distinct and deftly revealed. And the story is a heart wrecker.’
Barry Lopez, Winner of the American Book Award

‘one of those straight to the heart, life-changing books.’ Krissy Kneen

‘a dark, gorgeously written and emotionally resonant tale of family tragedy.’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘Patrick Holland's beautiful, beautiful second novel, The Mary Smokes Boys, is a tale that transports you through its realisation of place and its genuinely affecting story of love (for brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers). And yes, for a language as pure and magical as I have read in a long time. Holland is out on his own when it comes to his descriptions of the flora and fauna of the region's natural world – this surely stands as some of the best nature writing this country has produced. Martin Shaw Readings Newsletter, August 2010.
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Editorial: Transit Lounge
Publicado: 2011-08-23
ISBN: 9780980846294

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