A Date with Darcy: Bookish Boyfriends - Tiffany Schmidt

A Date with Darcy: Bookish Boyfriends

A Date with Darcy: Bookish Boyfriends

4,25 4 5 Autor: Tiffany Schmidt Narrador: Jessie Gill
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Boys are so much better in books. At least according to Merrilee Campbell, fifteen, who thinks real-life chivalry is dead and there’d be nothing more romantic than having a guy woo her like the heroes in classic stories. Then she, her best friend, Eliza, and her younger sister, Rory, transfer to Reginald R. Hero Prep—where all the boys look like they've stepped off the pages of a romance novel. Merri can hardly walk across the quad without running into someone who reminds her of Romeo.

When the brooding and complicated Monroe Stratford scales Merri’s trellis in an effort to make her his, she thinks she might be Juliet incarnate. But as she works her way through her literature curriculum under the guidance of an enigmatic teacher, Merri’s tale begins to unfold in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Merri soon realizes that only she is in charge of her story. And it is a truth universally acknowledged that first impressions can be deceiving …
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Juvenil Traductor:

Editorial: Abrams Books
Publicado: 2018-05-01
Duración: 10H 54M
ISBN: 9781683354376

Editorial: Amulet Paperbacks
Publicado: 2018-05-01
ISBN: 9781683352662

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