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Giving You All I've Got 2

Giving You All I've Got 2

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Life is what you make it, relationships are what you make them, LOVE is what you make it, which is why when dealing with any of the three, you must give it all you've got. In order to gain the most, you have to give the most. Though it isn't always easy, if done right, it's worth it. Uzoma has patiently loved and guided Joc through all of her pain and trials with little to no help coming from her end. Emotionally battered and bruised, in her mind, she has nothing left to give. That is until he helps her find herself. To find the exact same love and passion inside of herself that she's found in him is not only everything that she's wished for, but everything that she plans to keep. Uzoma Youngblood is worth it, their love is worth it, their life together, and everything that they've fought for... is worth it. Having been abandoned one time after the next, Zino is no longer open to the idea of letting anyone in. He fights back any emotion that arises in order to ensure that he's never left alone again. Little does he know, Lonnie Bruce has absolutely no plans to leave. No matter how hard he pushes, no matter how far he strays away, she remains there to reel him back in. After putting up one tireless effort after the other, Zino finally gives in, only to notice that the very thing he's been running from is the only thing he needs.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Colecciones: Giving You All I've Got: 2 Traductor:

Editorial: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publicado: 2017-02-02
ISBN: 9781648540561

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