Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett - Max Brand

Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett

Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett

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The witness was dumfounded. He couldn't tell. Then you turned to the jury and discredited all that witness's testimony. You said you had been wearing the same necktie day after day in court, and the witness didn't know what its color was. Then how could he be sure of the color of the necktie which Hanover wore, when he had only seen Hanover for a few seconds, committing the murder? It showed that the man was giving valueless testimony; that he was lying out of hand. And the jury acquitted your man. John, you can do some miraculous thing like that now for my friend, Harry McCurtney. You'll find some way. Why else are you called Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Traductor:

Editorial: Wilder Publications
Publicado: 2015-03-20
ISBN: 9781633848207

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