Me First: The guilt-free guide to prioritising you - Kate Christie

Me First: The guilt-free guide to prioritising you

Me First: The guilt-free guide to prioritising you

3 4 5 Autor: Kate Christie Narrador: Cat Gould
While you might have the appearance of absolute success in everything you do, scratch below the surface the reality is that you are freaking out, even just a little. You have so many balls in the air that the juggle is becoming increasingly hard to sustain. You need to start doing things differently because trying to do it all represents a huge risk to your ongoing success and well being. This book teaches you how to successfully juggle your two lives and to be guilt-free, with a proven five-step process to help you identify and harness hours of lost time on the home front.

The new edition includes:

- More data regarding time demands on professionals.

- More on the seven Mistakes people make-now including solutions.

- More quotes and stories form a wider range of women including international examples.

- More personal stories-Author is a single mother of 3 children with aging parents.

- More angles-female perspective on imposter syndrome, guilt, and more.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Economía y negocios Traductor:

Editorial: Gildan Media
Publicado: 2020-05-11
Duración: 5H 7M
ISBN: 9781469080154

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