Codependency Vs Love: Breaking The Cycle - Helen Stone

Codependency Vs Love: Breaking The Cycle

Codependency Vs Love: Breaking The Cycle

3,33 6 5 Autor: Helen Stone Narrador: William Carter
Do you feel like you constantly need the approval from other people and you feel bad if your efforts are not recognized? Would you accept anything and do everything in order to preserve your relationship? Are you afraid of being alone or feeling not valued? Then you need to keep reading…

Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:

• How to recognize with an EXACT formula if you are living a codependent relationship (even if you don’t want to accept it).

• Which are the toxic habits that you need to end NOW if you want a good mental health and physical safety.

• How to set healthy and clear BOUNDARIES that will work in your favor.

• The expert and little-known methods to increase self-awareness and build a strong self-esteem.

• How to stop feeling guilty and excessively jealous when it is not necessary without consulting a professional.

• The reason why it’s possible to love a person too much and lose yourself in that relationship.

• Why it is FUNDAMENTAL to have your personal space, self-care, and healthy detachment in any relationship.

• How to STOP being obsessed and toxic in your relationships forever (even if you think you can’t survive without that person).

And much, much more…

Even if you feel constantly trapped in an endless toxic cycle of abuse and powerlessness, this guide will help you find your own path, define things on your terms, get rid of self-sabotaging habits, and start a journey of personal growth.

The step-by-step plan in the book will heal you from past and damaging relationships, teach you about self-love and switch codependency for positive and healthy connections.

If you want to unlock access to this potent information about relationships and emotional healing, then you should purchase this book!
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Crecimiento personal Traductor:

Editorial: Author's Republic
Publicado: 2020-04-01
Duración: 3H 25M
ISBN: 9781662111785

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