Tazz & Kira - Lacresha Golden

Tazz & Kira

Tazz & Kira

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Kira is a hardworking single mother of two sons that seems to never catch a break. During one of the lowest points of her life she meets a mysterious, handsome stranger that comes in and saves the day. They hit it off from the first encounter and their romance blossoms.

Tazz is true to his name. A devil in the streets but a complete gentleman behind closed doors. He is the rising leader of his city's biggest organized crime empire. No one would ever think that he is just a ruthless street king with a gentle heart that needs love from the right woman.

Polk, his mentor and the true CEO of the organization, is planning to step down and turn it all over to Tazz. Polk has secrets that he's never shared with anyone. Through chance circumstances, all their paths will cross in unexpected ways. Hold on as this Love Story unfolds and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Colecciones: Tazz & Kira: An Undeniable Love: 1 Traductor:

Editorial: Royalty Publishing House
Publicado: 2019-11-04
ISBN: 9781648408021

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