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World War I

World War I

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When the World War I set Europe and the other nations of the world on flames including the American public opinion, soon began under the influence of the war prejudice and propaganda the denouncement of the German army and the Kaiser as they were held responsible for the outbreak of the World War I. However, many writers and historians across the world have failed to give in or join the chorus. The historical sense of many writers and historians have told them that in the present case or in the past, not just country or just one man was solely responsible for the outbreak of such an epidemic and holocaust which left the entire world into shatters and upheavals.

A little study and the speculations of the various diplomatic documents like the White, Yellow, Blue, and Orange pieces of literature which were earlier issued by the English, French, German and Russian Governments; had convinced the writers of the world that these diplomatic documents were not relevant and reliable enough to come to the conclusion of holding Germany and a single person as the sole responsibility of aggravating the warlike situations in the World during the phase of the World War I.

However, the new socialist governments of Austria and Germany in 1919 had published a very complete and reliable collection of diplomatic documents from the secret archives which were related to the diplomatic crisis of July 1914; and seemed reliable enough to provide the information or materials for reaching some tentative point of opinion or conclusion about the possible and immediate causes of the World War I. The American Historical Review which was published during the time of 1920-21 called to the attention of the scholars from worldwide that there was a need to reconsider the opinions or conclusions that were formed during the heat of the battle as to the immediate causes of the World War I and the ones who were responsible for causing it. The publication of more diplomatic documents during this era especially from the sources of the Russian province, along with the refusal of the British and the French governments to issue any completed documents or convincing records of their conduct during the time of July, 1914; there rose a group of writers and literature experts in history who demanded the revision of the clause in the Treaty of Versailles which declared that Germany and some of its allies were responsible for the outbreak of the World War I. Some of the writers especially the anti-Poincare writers or the revisionists in France, the final opinion or the conclusion was in danger of swinging as far as the golden meaning of the historical truth were formerly followed in the path of the great historians.
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