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Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

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Placebo effects have been considered mysterious and unusual for a long time. Science and research continue to find ways to establish explanations which can establish the placebo effect on better foundations. Many people have a negative outlook towards the placebo effect because of the deceptive manner in which it must be administered.

This is why it is important to understand the psychology of placebo effect and the role it plays in medical science. By having a better understanding of any phenomena, a person is in the position to reason its use. While the negative or positive impacts of a placebo can be discussed at length, it is also important to know the impact it has on the physical, physiological and psychological level.

The administration of a placebo brings about a number of changes which will be discussed and the factors that can affect these changes. As a result, a placebo may or may not be effective.
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Editorial: IntroBooks
Publicado: 2020-02-10
Duración: 40M
ISBN: 9781094262680

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