4 2 5 Autor: Malathi Ramachandran
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Set in 16th century India, this novel is inspired by the true
story of the young sultan, Baz Bahadur, and the beautiful
peasant girl, Roopmati, who come together over their
common love for classical music. He is a man who can have any
woman,and she a woman too proud to ever be part of his harem.
But night after night, as they sing together in the enchanting world
of Mandu, the fortress city lit up with lanterns and throbbing to
the beat of ghungroos and tablas, a magic begins to happen. Baz and
Roopmati fall in love. But, far away, in Agra, the Mughal Emperor,
Akbar, is planning his campaigns and Mandu has been pinned on
his map as a kingdom to be captured. Will Baz be able to protect
his capital, and more importantly, the woman he loves, from the
enemy forces?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Traductor:

Editorial: Niyogi Books
Publicado: 2020-06-12
ISBN: 9789389136548

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