San Francisco Island - Randi Hart

San Francisco Island

San Francisco Island

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Living in San Francisco has been wonderful for the Welles and Dyer families, next-door neighbors and best friends who are so close they are really like one big family. Jim Welles is a successful lawyer, and Bob Dyer is a geologist – a profession which is about to become useful in a way nobody ever wanted it to be.

Their sons are two teenage boys who are scheduled to play in a state championship baseball game Saturday, on the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge. Mother Nature has other plans, however. The families are not the only things that get separated when an earth-shaking event shocks the nation.

In this G-rated novella, Randi Hart tells a story of what it is like to feel helpless and isolated, when people who have been living a perfect, comfortable life are suddenly thrown into the chaotic uncertainty of coping in the wake of a national disaster which is unprecedented in scale.
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Editorial: PublishDrive
Publicado: 2019-10-15
ISBN: 6610000236183

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