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“First it felt horrifying, as if I was floating, not going somewhere, not moving in some direction, but simply at rest without any support. I looked around, but couldn’t see, I couldn’t even sense my body. I am no body; I realized that I didn’t have a body. I have no sight, no sounds and no senses at all. I am just a point. Neither I am standing nor lying, simply a point existence. ” “When you think, see the way of the thoughts and when you look, look at the looking. Jumping from a height, watch your legs and hanging from an edge go to your hands. ” Fixing his pupils at the top most edge of his eyes and raising his head towards the clouds the bhikhshu uttered distinctly. *To relive the thrill read "Mani"

About the Author: Rajiv K Rout is basically a writer com entrepreneur. He started his career as an engineer. Later to explore the other unknown dimensions he quit the job and started following spiritual path. For masters like OSHO, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Swami Vivekananda he plunged into the innermost depths of existence including humanity. Through unshakeable meditational practices for years, he realised the root cause of every misery is attachment and illusion and their solution as awareness or awakeness. His books are his only effort to narrate these solutions through simplified techniques. He can be reached at inothing_rajiv@outlook. com

After his first book the “Truth or Nothing” this is his second attempt to narrate the techniques rather in a fictional way. Hope readers will appreciate this effort same as the previous one.
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Editorial: Pencil
Publicado: 2021-02-03
ISBN: 9789354382185

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