Antic Hay

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Portraying the revolving clash between class ideals, Antic Hay is a stunning cultural critique on life in London circa 1923. With a sharp comedic edge, author Aldous Huxley delivers a novel of ideas aimed at characterizing the unsettling times following the end of World War I.

With over-the-top characters, and ensuing brutish conversations, Antic Hay doesn’t follow a typical narrative arc. Huxley’s work portrays a world entirely fabricated on gossip, lies, and one man’s yearning for societal approval. Dripping with prose that brandished Huxley as somewhat of an iconoclast, Antic Hay has been hailed as Huxley’s first masterpiece, paving the way for books with even more controversial subject matter like that of his most popular novel, Brave New World.

With an eye-catching cover that mirrors the complexities of Huxley’s world and a professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Antic Hay is both modern and readable. Also included is a new note about the author.
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Editorial: Mint Editions
Publicado: 2020-05-07
ISBN: 9781513264103

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