No Ivory Tower - A Novel - Stephen Davenport

No Ivory Tower - A Novel

No Ivory Tower - A Novel

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Set in the backdrop of a prestigious all-girls boarding school, this provocative novel explores the personal lives of those within the school’s small community and the empowerment, strength, and resolve it must find in the face of a surprise adversary.

After a tumultuous transitional year at the prestigious boarding school, Rachel Bickham now leads as the new head of Miss Oliver’s School for Girls, ready to rush in an era of renewal and success. With beloved teacher Francis Plummer by her side, surely she can conquer anything thrown at her, perhaps even finally start a family of her own. But lately Rachel hears nothing about Francis’s classes, once legend among the students… In fact, the praises have been suspiciously absent. In the meantime, financial crisis still looms over the school, and now there are rumors spreading of a big scandal concerning one of the students, Claire Nelson, who is like a daughter to Rachel. To save Claire from expulsion and preserve the school’s reputation, Rachel must come up with a daring plan that may risk everything—her career, marriage, even the special bond with Claire—but it may just save them all.

This is the follow-up to Davenport’s first novel, Saving Miss Oliver’s.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Novelas Colecciones: Miss Oliver's School for Girls: 2 Traductor:

Editorial: West Margin Press
Publicado: 2019-05-07
ISBN: 9781513262048

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