Stillwater: A Novel - Nicole Helget

Stillwater: A Novel

Stillwater: A Novel

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Fraternal twins separated at birth survive the Northern Minnesota frontier in this historical novel of “true grit” that’s “inventive, outrageous and well-told” (MinnPost).

Clement and Angel were born at an orphanage, just before their mother fled to Mexico. Though they grow up in the same small frontier town, they inhabit entirely different worlds. Clement remains among the orphans and nuns with whom he was abandoned. Angel, adopted by a wealthy family, now lives in the town mansion with her overbearing mother.

All around them, the nation is pushing boundaries both geographical and moral. The Civil War is approaching, and Stillwater, Minnesota, has become an important stop on the Underground Railroad. The lives of those who reside here—and those who pass through—are swept up in the current of the times. And when Clement and Angel finally reconnect, the power of their bond will change the course of everyone’s plans.

This meticulously researched historical novel is a tribute to those who made their mark on the United States as it struggled to remain a nation.

“With historic forces playing out on a human scale, this novel brings a lyrical voice all its own to midwestern literature. ” —Booklist

“Lyrical and humorous [with] gorgeous prose … A rich and intricate novel full of compassion for these pioneers and the place they live. ” —St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Helget’s tale of frontier life in the territory of Minnesota gives stark meaning to the term ‘woebegone. ’ … This novel effectively dramatizes the seismic sociological shifts that shaped the American Midwest. ” —Kirkus Reviews
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Editorial: Mariner Books
Publicado: 2018-06-01
ISBN: 9780547898421

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