The Circus in Winter - Cathy Day

The Circus in Winter

The Circus in Winter

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Over a half-century, a small Indiana town hosts a circus troupe during the off-seasons in linked stories “as graceful as any acrobat’s high-wire act” (San Francisco Chronicle).

A Story Prize Finalist

From 1884 to 1939, the Great Porter Circus made the unlikely choice to winter in an Indiana town called Lima, a place that feels as classic as Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio, and as wondrous as a first trip to the Big Top. In Lima, an elephant can change the course of a man's life—or the manner of his death. Jennie Dixianna entices men with her dazzling Spin of Death and keeps them in line with secrets locked in a cedar box. The lonely wife of the show’s manager has each room of her house painted like a sideshow banner, indulging her desperate passion for a young painter. And a former clown seeks consolation from his loveless marriage in his post-circus job at Clown Alley Cleaners. In this collection of linked stories spanning decades, Cathy Day follows the circus people into their everyday lives and brings the greatest show on earth to the page.

“[An] exquisite story collection. ” —The Washington Post

“Often funny, always graceful, and rich with a mix of historical and imaginative detail. ” —Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried

“Sublimely imaginative and affecting. ” —The Boston Globe
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Editorial: Mariner Books
Publicado: 2021-03-19
ISBN: 9780547864563

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