The Brilliant & Forever - Kevin MacNeil

The Brilliant & Forever

The Brilliant & Forever

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A Scottish isle hosts a literary festival in this humorous yet tragic novel by the author of A Method Actor's Guide to Jekyll and Hyde.

On an island like no other, populated by writers, the annual Brilliant & Forever Festival is a much-anticipated event; its participants a story away from either glory or infamy. This year, three best friends—two human, one alpaca—are chosen to compete, so victory is not only about reward. This is a novel like no other; a wonderful, provocative tussle, a whip-cracking, energetic, laugh-out-loud satire on what we value in culture, and in our lives. And yet, written with exquisite warmth and empathy, it’s also a moving exploration of integrity, friendship and belonging. It’ll split your sides and break your heart.

Praise for The Brilliant & Forever

“Laugh-out-loud funny. It’s so refreshing to read a book that isn’t like anything else. ” —David Robinson

“A wise warm-hearted meditation on the human condition. ” —TheScotsman (UK)

“Full of wry detail and satirical flourish, a demonstration of virtuoso storytelling. MacNeil atomizes the process of othering by which communities define themselves. All of that makes it sound overly serious, which it isn’t: MacNeil’s prose style keeps things light, lyrical, and funny. ” —The Skinny

“The reader will realize that this charming, sad novel is inspired by Italo Calvino … . It is a joy to read such an engaging, luminous novel, which dissects rather than enacts our cultural cringe. ” —The Guardian (UK)
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Editorial: Birlinn
Publicado: 2021-02-12
ISBN: 9780857908926

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