Bird and Butterfly Mysteries: The Truth About Migration - Bernard Acworth

Bird and Butterfly Mysteries: The Truth About Migration

Bird and Butterfly Mysteries: The Truth About Migration

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As part of his challenge to the theory of evolution, the outspoken creationist presents alternative theories of bird flight and migration.

In 1932, Bernard Acworth established the Evolution Protest Movement (now called the Creation Science Movement) for the purpose of criticizing evolutionary theory in scientific terms. A freelance journalist and amateur ornithologist, he took aim at the accepted science of ornithology with a keenly skeptical eye. Here, Acworth addresses topics including bird and butterfly migration, and the peculiarities of the cuckoo.

In Bird and Butterfly Mysteries, Acworth presents a close examination of the science concerning the flight of winged animals. Through this analysis, he exposes errors that call into question many of the major conclusions reached by professional ornithologists. While the two Laws of Currents Acworth proposes in this volume have since appeared in other works on ornithology, he has never received due credit for their discovery.
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Editorial: Philosophical Library/Open Road
Publicado: 2021-04-20
ISBN: 9781504067058

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