Collected works by Emma Goldman. Illustrated - Emma Goldman

Collected works by Emma Goldman. Illustrated

Collected works by Emma Goldman. Illustrated

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Emma Goldman played a key role in developing the political philosophy of anarchism as a writer and political activist. She was influential in North America and Europe during the first half of the twentieth century.

Officials frequently arrested and imprisoned Goldman for the illegal distribution of birth control materials and for "inciting disorder".

Red Emma Speaks is a collection of her scandalous writings and speeches that she produced during her struggle for women's rights.

Anarchy and the Sex Question
Anarchy Defended by Anarchists
What I Believe
A New Declaration of Independence
The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation
Anarchism: What it Really Stands For
Woman Suffrage
Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty
The Psychology of Political Violence
The Philosophy of Atheism
Minorities versus Majorities
Speech Against Conscription and War
Address To The Jury
The Truth About the Boylsheviki
Samuel Gompers
Socialism: Caught in the Political Trap
Sacco and Vanzetti
"An Anarchist Looks at Life"
Was My Life Worth Living?
There Is No Communism in Russia
Durruti Is Dead, Yet Living
Address to the International Working Men's Association Congress
Trotsky Protests Too Much
Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure
Francisco Ferrer and The Modern School
The Hypocrisy of Puritanism
The Traffic in Women
Marriage and Love
The Modern Drama: A Powerful Disseminator of Radical Thought
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Editorial: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing
Publicado: 2021-06-01
ISBN: 9780880004435

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