Growing Kids with Character - Hettie Brittz

Growing Kids with Character

Growing Kids with Character

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A code for a free interactive Child Profile Assessment is included in the paperback edition only of this book (a $10 value). Complete the online assessment to receive an individualized report with parenting tips that align with your child's temperament type. In Growing Kids with Character, Hettie Brittz helps you identify your child’ s natural bent and how that affects your parenting journey. Hettie’s famous tree metaphors show ways to let kids excel at being who they naturally are. Learn how to: Cultivate your child’s unique way of encountering, following, and worshipping GodDisciple and discipline based on your child’s very own blueprintRecognize your child’s strongest characteristics and apply that knowledge to everyday lifeSpeak your child’s unique dialect (or “tree language”) to foster effective communicationHelp your child recognize and celebrate God’s individualized design for othersDiscover how to use kids’ God-given personalities to guide them on their spiritual journeys and firmly establish their identity and purpose in Christ. Find the joy of parenting by a child’s natural bent and God’s supernatural wisdom!
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Editorial: David C. Cook
Publicado: 2018-03-01
ISBN: 9780830772759

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