SHADOWS LIE - Biju Antony



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One stormy night in 1958, two deaths rock Edward’s ancestral island home. His wife, Isabella dies of poisoning; and in the backyard, a young man is hung naked from a tamarind tree. On the same night, a local communist party worker, who was planning to elope with his lover, goes missing.

Edward’s noble catholic family no longer seems to be what they appeared to be. Every member in the household holds a grudge or a secret.

- Susanna would do anything to marry the man she loved.
- Ely, the young maid abused by her master is yet to forgive him.
- Ursula has a secret that comes back to haunt her after years of silence.
- The beautiful Bhadra, rumoured to be ageless, lives in a shadowless world of sorcery - across the river in a forbidden estate, hidden beyond a scared serpent grove.

Crime Inspector Madhav reaches the island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the communist party worker, but finds himself quickly sucked into the intrigue of the land. Madhav comes across a pair of strange cards with seemingly meaningless words that lay trampled below the tamarind tree, where the lifeless naked body of the young man dangled some nights ago.

But can Madhav unravel the mystery, as each elusive shadow that flickers around him lies?
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Terror y Suspenso Traductor:

Editorial: Frog Books
Publicado: 2016-12-15
ISBN: 9789352018420

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