The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens - Roland Hui

The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens

The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens

3 11 5 Autor: Roland Hui Narrador: Jennifer M. Dixon
Ten remarkable women. One remarkable era.

In the Tudor period, 1485-1603, a host of fascinating women sat on the English throne. The dramatic events of their lives are told in The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens.

The Turbulent Crown begins with the story of Elizabeth of York, who survived conspiracy, and dishonor to become the first Tudor Queen, bringing peace and order to England after years of civil war. From there, the listener is taken through the parade of Henry VIII's six wives-two of whom, Anne Boleyn and Katheryn Howard, would lose their heads against a backdrop of intrigue and scandal.

The Turbulent Crown continues with the tragedy of Lady Jane Grey, the teenager who ruled for nine days until overthrown by her cousin Mary Tudor. But Mary's reign, which began in triumph, ended in disaster, leading to the emergence of her sister, Elizabeth I, as the greatest of her family and of England's monarchs.
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Editorial: Tantor Audio
Publicado: 2018-08-21
Duración: 22H 6M
ISBN: 9781977383679

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