Tooth And Claw - K.T. Davies

Tooth And Claw

Tooth And Claw

4,29 205 5 Autor: K.T. Davies Narrador: Chris Coxon
The world needs a hero, but all it got is Breed. Leaving the Empire to face the wrath of an angry demon and its infernal hordes, Breed takes a ship and flees to Shen. With pockets full of gold, the hammer of the Hammer of the North, a crate of whiskey, and a conscience unburdened by guilt, life doesn't get any better, does it? Well, yes, it does, but it gets a lot worse first. No matter how fast Breed runs, trouble is never far behind. Charged by an ancient power to find a way to stop Shallunsard the demon, Breed is thrust from one world into another. Hold on tight, for here be krakens, dragons, undead queens, and vengeful sorcerers.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Fantasía & Ciencia ficción Colecciones: The Chronicles of Breed: 2 Traductor:

Editorial: Whole Story QUEST
Publicado: 2018-10-18
Duración: 9H 57M
ISBN: 9781528842716

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