Beasts Beyond The Wall - Robert Low

Beasts Beyond The Wall

Beasts Beyond The Wall

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The fate of Rome hangs on a mad mission to the edge of the world…
Drust and Kag, two ring-hardened fighters who won their freedom with blood, are met with an unusual request. The mysterious, powerful Servilius Structus sends them deep into Scotland, land of the Caledonii, to find and secure a woman and her young son.

Accompanied by Ugo, Quintus, Manius and Sibanus, this crew of ex–gladiator rogues, tricksters and bar-room philosophers will risk everything on an insane quest and a daring escape.

In the dog days of Rome, with decadence and corruption in the air, the consequences of their failure are far greater than they could ever dream: not only their lives but the Empire itself is at stake.

A searing, gritty and blood-soaked historical adventure, perfect for fans of Giles Kristian, David Gilman and Conn Iggulden.
Praise for Beasts Beyond the Wall
'An epic tale of hardship, triumph, betrayal and brotherhood' S. J. A. Turney, author of the Knights Templar series
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Historia Traductor:

Editorial: Canelo Adventure
Publicado: 2019-01-21
ISBN: 9781788633093

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