Fangs for Sharing - Bella Jacobs

Fangs for Sharing

Fangs for Sharing

3.75 24 5 Autor: Bella Jacobs Narrador: Ellie Faye
Disponible como audiolibro.
One innocent shifter in mortal danger, two dark and domineering vampire princes determined to protect her--but not before they claim her as their own...

The only thing worse than dating a mad scientist who cheated like it was his job? Discovering he secretly revenge-altered my DNA.

Now, I'm a lab-made shapeshifter, the kind hunted by a vicious militant group like it's their job. And what The Kin Born catch? The Kin Born kill.

Enter two stupidly hot vampires who say they can give me what I need. All night long...

Okay, so they don't say the second part flat-out, but we all know what they mean when they say they've been looking for a girl like me. A girl who can handle two bossy alpha vamps in her life. In her business.

In her bed...

But soon our red-hot chemistry becomes so much more. I'm ready to risk it all for these incredible men, but The Kin Born will stop at nothing to capture their prey, and my princes have just moved to the top of their hit list.

FANGS FOR SHARING is a red hot stand alone urban fantasy romance set in the world of Bella Jacob's Dark Moon Shifters series. Each of these steamy standalone tales end with a happily ever after and can be enjoyed alone or as part of the larger Dark Moon universe. No Cliffhanger.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romance Traductor:

Editorial: Author's Republic
Publicado: 2019-05-22
Duración: 5H 24M
ISBN: 9781982754358

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