Life Coaching - Derreck Young

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

3,9 20 5 Autor: Derreck Young Narrador: Mark J. Cayco
What if you could charge people money for your valuable advice and motivation?

Life coaching can be a sustainable full-time business. Life is confusing. People are looking for someone to guide them, to support them, and be there when they struggle. In a way, it could be related to therapy, but there are some significant differences. While therapy focuses on processing past events, life coaching is aimed at shaping someone’s future. Some have become healthier, better looking, richer, or found themselves in better relationships because of the right life coach who put them on the best track to success.

You can mean something to others by leading them a happier, more fulfilling life. Learning how the system works, how life coaches do what they do, lies at the essence of this audiobook. You will learn more about subtopics like:

-What makes a great life coach and what doesn’t.
-The way it all really works, without the nonsense.
-How life coaching was done in the past and how it is done in today’s age.
-Why it might be a good idea for you to use a life coach and when you shouldn’t do it.
-Surprising tips about finding a good course for life coaching.
-Shocking truths about taking the right steps in the right direction.
-The different types of life coaches you may have never heard of.
-How you can change people’s lives by becoming an expert life coach.

Take the first step on your journey by listening to this guide and becoming familiar with the tricks of the trade.

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Editorial: A to Z Publishing
Publicado: 2018-08-17
Duración: 1H 1M
ISBN: 9781094206448

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