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Coven: A Soulmark Series Book 1

Autor: Rebecca Main Narrador: Loretta Rawlins Audiolibro

All is fair in love and magic.
Stay out of the forest, Gran had said; it's no place to be at night.Especially, when it's a full moon. Zoelle Baudelaire should have listened. Now she must navigate a world she'd only ever read about in fairytales, full of formidable witches and domineering werewolves out for blood. Yet no story could have prepared Zoelle for Aleksandr ‘Xander' Adolphus—the volatile Alpha of the Adolphus Pack—or the seductive soulmark that bound their souls together. Trapped in a carnal game of cat and mouse, Zoelle must tread unfamiliar ground steeped in supernatural politics that could cost her her life. Can Zoelle outrun a wolf bound and determined to mark her as his? Or will this new world swallow her whole?

© 2021 QUEST from W. F. Howes Ltd (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781004035687