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Edge of Shadows

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Terrorist hunters face danger—and forbidden desire—in this romantic suspense thriller by the New York Times–bestselling author of Lost in Shadows.

The Special Threats Response Team hunts terrorists out of the reach of conventional law enforcement. Their leader, Rose Prospero has already faced her own worst fear: five years ago she was captured and tortured when the CIA abandoned her behind enemy lines. Since then, she’s focused her energies on protecting her Team and her country from monsters like the man who captured her. The Team and the job come first, last, always for Rose, leaving no room for love.

Former Delta, Billy “Edge” Price is Rose’s second-in-command and her best friend. Suave, skilled, and a smooth operator, Billy loves his job—and his boss. He can’t have both, so he’s settled for using his position to stay close to Rose.

As they face enemies from without and within, on the run from anyone who could help them, Rose and Billy learn each other’s deepest secrets, face their greatest fears, and sacrifice everything for Team, Country … and Love.

Praise for New York Times–bestselling author CJ Lyons

“Everything a great thriller should be—action packed, authentic, and intense. ” —Lee Child, #1 New York Times–bestselling author

“CJ Lyons scores a major triumph… Totally absorbing and impossible to put down. ” —Douglas Preston, New York Times–bestselling author

“A heroine you’ll never forget and a story that whips by at bullet speed. It’s easy to see why CJ Lyons is a perennial on the bestseller lists. ” —Tess Gerritsen, New York Times–bestselling author

“A high stakes adventure with dire consequences. ” —Steve Berry, New York Times–bestselling author

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