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Autor: Alexa Shoen Narrador: Alexa Shoen Audiolibro

Banging your head against the wall with the job search? #ENTRYLEVELBOSS will help you stop freaking out. Miserable in your current role but no idea what to do next? With this book you'll be able to make a decision, no personality tests required. Convinced that you are the most unhireable person on this planet? That's statistically improbable and you'll be amazed at how employable you'll look on paper by the time you have finished listening.

This is personal training for your career, based on a step-by-step plan that includes:

All the intel you need about getting hired in today's world, in today's industries, and with today's tools.
Hyper-specific advice including templates for networking emails, CVs, and cover letters.
Straight-to-the-point guidance about what not to do.
A solid dose of humour and emotional support from someone who really has been there.
The world of work has changed, and getting hired today for a job you actually want is going to take a lot more than a neatly typed cover letter and a well-pressed suit. But along with all the challenges of the new economy come unprecedented opportunities, and careers expert Alexa Shoen is here to unlock them for you.

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