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Fantasía & Ciencia ficción
12H 37M

Sixteenth Watch

Autor: Myke Cole Narrador: Mia Barron Audiolibro

Coast Guard Captain Jane Oliver must lead her newly acquired troops to prevent the first lunar war in history …

Having served as a Search-and-Rescuewoman for thirty years, Captain Jane Oliver is ready for a peaceful
retirement. But when tragedy strikes, Oliver’s plans are shattered, and she finds herself thrust into a role she’s
not prepared for.

Suddenly at the helm of the Coast Guard’s elite SAR-1 lunar unit, Oliver is the only one who can prevent
all-out war on the surface of the Moon, a conflict that will surely consume the Earth as well …

© 2020 Recorded Books, Inc. (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781980006374

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