The Man of the Forest - Zane Grey

The Man of the Forest

The Man of the Forest

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"The Man of the Forest" is a Western classic that tells us the story of the 30-year-old Milt Dale, a valiant man who prefers the splendid isolation and solitary life of a hunter. One day, while sheltering in an abandoned hut from a storm, he overhears Snake Anson’s plan to kidnap Al Auchincloss’s, a distinguished rancher’s niece. Everything is a part of Beasley’s cruel plan of taking over Auchincloss’s ranch, but Dale does not hesitate to spring into action in order to rescue rancher’s niece.

Will Dale’s bold plan succeed, or Beasley’s man will accomplish his evil plot? Zane Grey’s guns-and-glory novel is also adapted to a movie in 1933.

Pearl Zane Grey was an American author born in 1872. He is best known with his adventure novels which idealize the American frontier and which largely created a new genre called western. The novel "Riders of the Purple Sage", published in 1912, earned Grey wide popularity. The book turned to the author’s all-time-best seller and also one of the most successful Western novels. Zane Grey wrote more than 80 books which later inspired many Western writers who followed in Zane Grey’s footsteps.
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Verschenen: 2020-09-02
ISBN: 9788726597233

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