Lockdown Liaisons - Beach house birthday and other stories - Shobhaa De

Lockdown Liaisons - Beach house birthday and other stories

Lockdown Liaisons - Beach house birthday and other stories

3,72 18 5 Schrijver: Shobhaa De Voorlezer: Multiple, Ira Dubey, Divya Dutta
As the world is shaken by a virus, Shobhaa De – a writer who understands the human heart and how it beats – felt the need to document not just what she is going through personally but what the entire world is experiencing. And out of this need emerged many unique narratives ...

Lockdown Liaisons is a collection of short stories, from the varying perspectives of both men and women – young and old, brave and cowardly, cheerful and weighed down – each story an unique offering from a writer who understands how very fragile human relationships can be as they break, suffer and are redefined under trying circumstances.

Through these stories you will meet a host of interesting characters, dealing with the lockdown in ways that are unusual and unique. There is the woman who measures her life against the whistles of her neighbour’s pressure cooker, the doctor who tries to feebly justify a hard decision that she takes and the Bollywood star who is stuck in his lavish weekend home and raves and rants to no avail! Yet another narrative tells us about a wealthy and difficult old woman who is forced to spend lockdown in her caregiver’s small flat.
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Uitgeverij: Storyside IN
Verschenen: 2020-11-01
Lengte: 58M

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