3,45 20 5 Auteur: Jessa James
All I wanted was a one-night stand… one hot, sweaty, uninhibited night with no strings.

The plan? Meet Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome at a bar, and take him home. Check and check.

But I’d never been touched like that, possessed like that… ever.

Daylight strikes, and he’s gone. Me? I have the real world to get back to. Not the fantasy he made come true. I put on my tallest heels and get ready to meet my brand new boss.

Only, it’s him . I’m assigned to be his personal executive assistant…but all I can do is crave more. Yes, I have a job to do, and it’s not what he thinks it is. I’m here to dig into his company’s financial records working as an undercover journalist.

Fate may have the last laugh, because I’m not the only one with a craving. My new boss hasn’t forgotten last night.

Every glance is heated, and the tension thickens every time I walk into his office.

Long hours, late nights and the two of us forced into close confines… More of that amazingly hot, scream-my-name sex is tempting both of us. We’re so close to ripping each others’ clothes off, only the what-ifs are holding us back.

Will we both give in? Or will we crave one another forever?
Taal: Engels Categorie: Romance Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: KSA Publications Inc
Verschenen: 2020-09-21
ISBN: 9781795907842

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