The Poetry Hour - Volume 15 - Thomas Hardy,John Dryden,William Morris

The Poetry Hour - Volume 15

The Poetry Hour - Volume 15

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Poetry is often cited as our greatest use of words. The English language has well over a million of them and poets down the ages seem, at times, to make use of every single one. But often they use them in simple ways to describe anything and everything from landscapes to all aspects of the human condition. Poems can evoke within us an individual response that takes us by surprise; that opens our ears and eyes to very personal feelings. Forget the idea of classic poetry being somehow dull and boring and best kept to children’s textbooks. It still has life, vibrancy and relevance to our lives today. Where to start? How to do that? Poetry can be difficult. We’ve put together some very eclectic Poetry Hours, with a broad range of poets and themes, to entice you and seduce you with all manner of temptations. In this hour we introduce poets of the quality and breadth of Ben Jonson and Jalalludin Rumi as well as themes on The Female Poet, Hell, Victorian Poetry and more. All of them are from Portable Poetry, a dedicated poetry publisher. We believe that poetry should be a part of our everyday lives, uplifting the soul & reaching the parts that other arts can’t. Our range of audiobooks and ebooks cover volumes on some of our greatest poets to anthologies of seasons, months, places and a wide range of themes. Portable Poetry can found at iTunes, Audible, the digital music section on Amazon and most other digital stores. This audio book is also duplicated in print as an ebook. Same title. Same words. Perhaps a different experience. But with Amazon’s whispersync you can pick up and put down on any device – start on audio, continue in print and any which way after that. Portable poetry – Let us join you for the journey. The Poetry Hour – Volume 15 John Dryden. An Introduction Farewell Ungrateful Traitor by John Dryden Dreams by John Dryden Alexanders Feast or The Power of Music by John Dryden August August 1914 by Isaac Rosenberg At Sundown by Daniel Sheehan A Summer Evening Churchyard, Lechlade, Gloucestershire by Percy Bysshe Shelley Moonlight Summer Moonlight by Emily Jane Bronte August by Algernon Charles Swinburne August Moonrise by Sara Teasdale The Female Poet. An Introduction. Volume 3 Good Night by Mary Gilmore Expecting the Lord by Anne Griffiths My Mother’s Kiss by Frances E W Harper Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe You Kissed Me by Josephine Slocum Hunt The Power of Words by Letitia Elizabeth Landon Love, The Soul of Poetry by Anne Killigrew The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus Sonnet by Amy Levy Animal Poems – An Introduction The Fly by William Blake The City Mouse and the County Mouse by Christina Rossetti The Owl & the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear A Lobster Quadrille by Lewis Carroll From Baby Tortoise by DH Lawrence William Morris - An Introduction The Earthly Paradise – Apology by William Morris Our Hands Have Met by William Morris The Voice of Toil by William Morris A Garden By the Sea by William Morris The Message of the March Wind by William Morris Victorian Poetry - An Introduction A Broken Appointment by Thomas Hardy My Prayers Must met A Brazen Heaven by Gerard Manley Hopkins When Summer’s End is Nighing by AE Housman The Mother’s Son by Rudyard Kipling The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear Sonnet XXIX by George Meredith Between the Dusk of a Summer Night by William Ernest Henley
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Uitgeverij: Portable Poetry
Verschenen: 2018-01-11
ISBN: 9781787377035

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