Darling Winston - David Lough

Darling Winston

Darling Winston

3.56 9 5 Schrijver: David Lough Voorlezer: Gordon Griffin
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
Between 1881, when Churchill was just six, and 1921, the year of his mother's death, Winston Churchill and Jennie Jerome were prolific and energetic correspondents. Their exchange of letters has never before been published as a volume of correspondence, and many of these intimate letters – between two highly gifted writers – are being published here for the first time. A significant addition to the Churchill canon, Darling Winston traces Churchill's emotional, intellectual and political development as confided to his main mentor. As well as providing a basic narrative of Jennie and Winston's lives over a forty-year period, Darling Winston portrays a mother-son relationship characterised at the outset by Winston's dependence on his mother, which is dramatically reversed as her life crumbles tragically towards its end.

Copyright in the letters of Winston S. Churchill © The Estate of Winston S. Churchill;
Copyright in the previously unpublished letters of Lady Randolph Churchill © The Master, Fellows and Scholars of Churchill College, Cambridge;
Copyright in the compilation, introduction, editorial text, footnotes, appendix © David Lough, 2018
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Uitgeverij: Whole Story Audiobooks
Verschenen: 2018-11-22
Lengte: 16U 58M
ISBN: 9781528847858

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