Capturing Perfection - Trina Lane

Capturing Perfection

Capturing Perfection

4.16 64 5 Schrijver: Trina Lane
Beschikbaar als e-book.
Two men united by a bond neither time nor trauma could break now seek to capture the love that beats within their hearts. Clayton Phillips and Logan Callen found each other at the tender age of thirteen. The two foster brothers quickly became inseparable, relying on each other for support to move beyond their troubled pasts. However, one whispered confession changed the course of their lives. Now sixteen years later the two men are together again, but the reunion is far from sweet. Logan, an Army Ranger veteran, is trying to heal from both the emotional and physical trauma he endured while deployed in Afghanistan. Clay, a Boston Police Detective, is determined to rebuild their once close bond. Both men have withheld a secret from each other. Both men are in love-with each other. Can they work together to overcome their pasts and build a future together, or is it too late? Reader Advisory: This book can be read alone, but may be better enjoyed when read as part of the series.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Serie: Perfect Love: 3 Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Verschenen: 2010-10-04
ISBN: 9780857153005

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