The Animal in You - Carol Lynne,Bailey Bradford,Jan Irving

The Animal in You

The Animal in You

4.4 5 5 Schrijver: Carol Lynne,Bailey Bradford,Jan Irving
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Alrik by Carol Lynne Book One in the C-7 Shifters series. Alrik is determined to keep sex with Ben simple, but when wolves, shifters and bullets enter their world, all bets are off. Dr Ben Cook has devoted his life to saving the Mexican Grey wolf population from extinction. A year after being shot while looking for a large pack of Mexican greys, he's determined to try again. When Bens sister hires one of the C-7 shifters to protect him on his mission, he feels an immediate and undeniable attraction to the huge blond protector. Alriks body yearns for his client on sight, but for a shifter who prefers sex without sentiment, Ben presents a problem. Centuries earlier, Alrik learned that love was a worthless emotion that only served to trap those stupid enough to fall. Alrik is determined to keep sex with Ben simple, but when wolves, shifters and bullets enter their world, all bets are off. Rescued by Bailey Bradford Book One in the Southwestern Shifters series. When Gabriel Staley rescues a magnificent black wolf, he has no idea that destiny has just turned up the heat and brought him his mate, sexy shapeshifter Mika Blackwell. Gabriel Staley was used to being an outcast in the small town of Shasta, Texas. More concerned with rescuing stray dogs from a cruel death at the hands of the local Sheriff, Gabe focuses on making a difference and standing up for what he believes is right. Mika Blackwell, a shape shifter who was banned from his pack, is new to the outcast status, and not adjusting very well. When Gabe heads out to rescue an injured wolf, he has no idea that his life is about to be eternally altered. As Mika watches the man approach him, he feels the universe tilt and realises that, while he may have lost his pack, he's just found what every shifter longs for - his destined mate. Together, Gabriel and Mika must find their way and fight for their love-from confronting Mikas former pack leader to stopping someone who tries to kill Gabes best friend, Todd. When Todds attacker comes after Gabe, Mika is determined to protect his mate at all costs. Straight Cowboy by Jan Irving Book One in the Uncommon Cowboys series. Joshua Ryan did a stint for much-needed cash as the straight cowboy in gay porn movies but he doesn't think of himself as gay, so why does he want to do the things to Matt James he once did in front of a camera? Cowboy Joshua Ryan can't stop his erotic thoughts about Matt James, the hearing-impaired guest he's taking into the foothills in search of wild horses. Matt James has dreamed all his life of coming out west. He's at first taciturn with Josh, afraid he's as close minded as some other hands they encounter on their excursion, but when Josh reaches for him unconsciously in his sleep, Matt has a tough time hiding his desire for a straight man. Reader Advisory: This book contains light hearted bondage. Publishers Note: This book has previously been released as part of the Saddle Up N Ride anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. An Improbable Wolf by Lavinia Lewis Book One in the Desert Sanctuary series. Can werewolf Jace Bryson find and capture the wolf that attacked his mate before he finds Deacon and finishes the job? When wolf Jace Bryson-leader of the special ops task force in the Sanctuary-hears there has been another wolf attack in Las Vegas, he quickly assembles two teams to investigate. Upon arrival he discovers that wolf Deacon Fairchild, the victim of the latest attack, is his mate. Even more surprising is the fact that Deacon used to be human... Humans afraid of catching the wolf virus have hunted shifters almost to the brink of extinction, but they have been mistaken. Werewolves are not made-they are only born...until Deacon. When a human is murdered, Jace must find the wolf responsible and stop him, before people become aware of the wolfs ability and rage a war upon the shifters in the Sanctuary that could mean the end of the life they have become accustomed to. Jaces problems become exacerbated when he discovers the attack on his mate was anything but random. It was personal and the culprit is only getting started. Will Jace find the wolf responsible in time to save his mates life? The Kiss of the White Wolf by Cassidy Ryan Hal went looking for a wild weekend, and found more wild than he could ever have hoped for. Hals world has been in a tailspin since he wrote a book exposing police corruption. Seeking respite and distraction, he heads off for a wild weekend in Brighton, hoping for hot guys, loud music and lots of booze. What he gets instead is a near-naked man mountain, bruised, bleeding and suffering from temporary memory loss. Hal isn't ready for the news that Luke is a werewolf, and even less prepared for Lukes declaration that Hal is his life mate. But he can't seem to walk away when Luke is obviously in trouble, and there is no denying the searing heat that is between them. The more time they spend together the deeper their connection becomes, until Hal starts to wonder about the whole mate thing. However, there is a cloud of danger hanging over Lukes head that could destroy everything they have the potential to become...the men who abducted and tortured Luke still have him in their sights. Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of moderate violence.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Verschenen: 2013-10-08
ISBN: 9781781848562

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