Lasso Lovin - Wendi Zwaduk,Jambrea Jo Jones,Jenna Byrnes

Lasso Lovin

Lasso Lovin

3.6666666666666665 6 5 Schrijver: Wendi Zwaduk,Jambrea Jo Jones,Jenna Byrnes
Beschikbaar als e-book.
Forever Changed by Jambrea Jo Jones Sometimes two just isn't enough... Thomas Grey was on leave from the military to be at his mothers side when she died. Her last request would forever change his life. She wanted him to go see the father he never knew. Abigail Sommers and Eric Riley work on a ranch owned by Thomas Greys father. They are an on again/off again couple who can't seem to make it work. The attraction between the three is off the charts, but can they make three work when two wasn't cutting it? Fortunes Way by Jenna Byrnes Two men and one woman, thrown together by business, discover they have much more than that in common. But will it be enough to overcome the obstacles they face? The Double-F-Ranch has been in Dean Fortunes family for generations. Selling some of the best Appaloosa horses in California, the ranch was lucrative before the economy took a tumble. Searching for answers, Dean and his father look for ways to keep the family business profitable. Unfortunately, they have very different ideas about how to do that. Miranda McCabe is a ruthless, sought-after business consultant from Los Angeles. Hired by Deans father to turn the ranch around financially, Miranda struggles with her own issues. She's there to work, but can't stop thinking about the owners sexy son, even if they didnt get off to the smoothest start. She also manages to ruffle the feathers of Kyle Reese, Deans ranch foreman. Though judging from the looks that pass between the two men, she wonders if he might be more than just the hired help. While Miranda devises a plan to save the ranch, Dean and Kyle put their own plot into action in hopes of saving both the ranch...and Miranda. Tying One On by Wendi Zwaduk she's the mistake they can't live without. Steve Reynolds and Ronan Boyd are happy in their relationship. They own and operate the Circle B Ranch and are very much in love. Both men dated the same woman before they began their own love story. She's their best friend. But theres something missing. Would the woman from their past want to be their third? Trista Connolly knows her place with Steve and Ronan-shes their friend. She wants to move on with her life after breaking up with her current boyfriend. But she's still in love with Steve and Ronan. Tylerville isn't a big city and everyone knows everyone elses business. She keeps her horse safe at their ranch, but can she keep her heart protected as well? Things are about to heat up and fast-times three! Claiming the Cowboys by Alysha Ellis Two cowboys. One woman to rope em and ride em! Two cowboys enjoying a passionate bout of sex in the living room is the last thing Sophie expects to see when she arrives to inspect the homestead she inherited from her grandparents. Outraged by what they believe to be trespass, the men insist the prosperous horse stud is theirs. The confrontation catapults Sophie into a torrid sexual adventure. The only way for her to win is to round up her cowboys and ride em. Hard Luck Ranch by Nan Comargue When his best friend Wesley orders up a mail order bride, Everett leaves Hard Luck Ranch for good. Or so he thinks...until he realises that there may be room in their marriage for one more. Emma came out West to marry a man she's never met but she's already fallen in love with Wesley through their letters. Life at his home, Hard Luck Ranch, is far better than she ever imagined with a loving husband and a prosperous farm. The only hiccup in her plans for the future is Wes best friend, the local sheriff Everett Montgomery, who may share more than a boyhood with her husband. Everett is trying to drown his misery over his friends marriage with shots at the local saloon and sex with the local madams brother, Kenneth. But Ken isn't Wes, the man Everett has loved since he was old enough to know what love was. While Everett loses himself in his heartache, he stays away from the ranch. But he doesn't expect Emma to come out to find him-nor does he realise that she's guessed his secret. Emma loves her husband dearly and she wants him to be happy, even if it means sharing him with Everett. But will the sexy lawman be willing to accept her as part of the bargain? Dust and Desire by Demelza Hart When your best friend already gives you the pleasure you crave, can anyone better it? But tough lives call for tough decisions. Chase Truman is a man under pressure. He's got a five thousand acre ranch to manage, he's lost Blue Ridge mountain, and he can't find himself a woman. But when he stumbles upon Riff Felton, the man who stole Blue Ridge from him, and finds himself held with a gun against his head, he doesn't resist. His relationship with Riff goes way back, and soon Chase and Riff are making up for lost time, soothing each others pain in the way they love. But somethings missing. Chase wants more and thinks hell find it in the right lady. Luckily for him, a breakdown on the railroad is about to deliver Miss Adeline Monroe into his hands, a headstrong, wealthy young woman from Boston with a very modern attitude. But is there room for two in Chases life?
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Verschenen: 2014-05-23
ISBN: 9781784300241

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