Baby Signing with Rollo Bear - Vonnie LaVelle,Paul Brar

Baby Signing with Rollo Bear

Baby Signing with Rollo Bear

3.3333333333333335 3 5 Schrijver: Vonnie LaVelle,Paul Brar
Beschikbaar als e-book.
A Picture Dictionary using over 200 Signs by Rollo Bear! The Signs include Everyday Signs, The Alphabet, Colors, Numbers and Days of the Week. Kiddisign had extensive media coverage in 2009 in the UK, Ireland and USA after highlighting the use of sign language to assist babies and children of any age to communicate if they are ill, what their needs are and what they are experiencing around them. Rollo Bear was the first signing book to use a fun bear to teach in this way. Kiddisign Books have produced their new teaching bear to make signing with your baby/infant, fun and easy to learn. They have free practice sheets on their website which you can use with the book and a free video of babies using sign language to aid communication of specific needs.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Kinderen Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Verschenen: 2012-07-10
ISBN: 9780956734631

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