Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything - Brian Dixon

Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything

Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything

1.0 1 5 Schrijver: Brian Dixon Voorlezer: Brian Dixon, Lauren Berst
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
If you're ready to get unstuck, love your work, and make the dream happen, entrepreneur and business coach Brian Dixon has a message for you: Start with Your People. After one too many burned bridges and failed projects, Brian Dixon set out to discover the secret to work you love and a life that matters. In Start with Your People, Brian shows you the single most important key to fully engage your relationships and unlock the door to purpose, passion, and profit. The truth is, your dream is not a solo venture. You need your people. And your people need you. Start with Your People is your one-stop guide for maximizing the most important resource to succeed in business and in life: relationships. Enter a new kind of hustle - one that supercharges what's possible on your path to profitable purpose. Join Brian to discover the people-first mindset that changes everything, including: -The #1 key to unlocking your powerful network (without being cheesy or fake) -A 10-step method to create your own personal mission statement -Why your family actually helps you succeed at work, and how to see your kids as a legacy instead of a liability -The counter-intuitive method to increase your income (without quitting your job) -Little-known secrets to convert your under-performing team to a powerful dream team -The fastest, safest way to deal with the difficult people in your life -Plus, you get 11 powerful mindset hacks including Brian’s life-changing morning practice Start with Your People is the step-by-step blueprint you need to love your work and get after it. Packed with strategic principles, practical tips, and engaging stories, you’ll be able to lean into your home team as you move forward with clarity and confidence. Tired of struggling? Ready to take action? Start here to unlock the door to purposeful profit today.
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Meer info over het audioboek:

Uitgeverij: Zondervan
Verschenen: 2019-09-10
Lengte: 6U 37M
ISBN: 9780310356578

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