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Eros: A return to Unconditional Love

Auteur: Barbara Emrys, Miguel Ruiz Voorlezer: Joaquín Sabaté, Laura Sabaté Luisterboek

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the classic The Four Agreements and one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world today, offers students of mystery a new path of knowledge through the most powerful force in the universe: love. We often see love as something to be achieved and conquered. We turn love into a fight for control, we insist on setting conditions and we negotiate with it. But love is not what we have been taught to believe. It is not the set of hopes and expectations that we have been taught to represent. It is not a game of dreams fulfilled or lost. Love is the power of life itself.

© 2021 Urano (Luisterboek) ISBN: 9781953027047