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For the Love of the Royal Family

Auteur: Roger Bryan E-book

Did you know…

• William IV was wont to speak his mind and could sometimes lack tact, which is said to have inspired the nickname ‘Silly Billy’?

• Edward III banned all sports, including football, on Sundays, so that his subjects could be free to concentrate solely on their archery?

• Coronation chicken was invented for foreign guests to enjoy at Elizabeth II’s coronation?

This rich miscellany celebrates the fascinating history of the British Royal Family, from the reign of Egbert, King of Wessex, to the monarchy of the present day. Full of titillating trivia, little-known facts, bite-size biographies and memorable quotations, it paints a colourful picture of how the kings and queens of this noble land have shaped the way we live today.

© 2016 Summersdale Publishers Ltd (E-book) ISBN: 9781783729494

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