My Wife Doesn't Love Me Any More - Andrew G. Marshall

My Wife Doesn't Love Me Any More

My Wife Doesn't Love Me Any More

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Your wife has not only fallen out of love but, worse still, she is refusing point blank to try and fix things. She says 'she can't change her feelings', she needs 'space' and the children should know - even though it will break their hearts. You've told her how much you love her, you've begged for a second chance but everything is falling on deaf ears. The situation might seem bleak but help is at hand. Marital therapist, Andrew G Marshall has spent over twenty-five years helping couples find love again and he has a message of HOPE. You can help your wife to fall back in love, even if you're separated or suspect there's another man in the background. In this practical book, he explains: - The six worst and the six best reactions to discovering your wife doesn't love you any more. - How to get to the bottom of why she's fallen out of love. - Five things you think will save your marriage but are just pushing your wife further away. - Five strategies to instantly improve the atmosphere at home. - How to keep going in the face of disinterest and rejection. - Why most men give up too soon. - How to know when to accept the inevitable and when to keep trying.
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Utgitt: 2012-11-16
ISBN: 9781783014965

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