Missing in the Mountains - Grant Allison

Missing in the Mountains

Missing in the Mountains

5 1 5 Autor: Grant Allison Czyta: Alice Irizarry
Frog is missing! He's lost in the mountains.

Can Wren, a spunky, nature-loving, explorer find her missing cousin?

With her new dog, Rattler anything is possible.

Meet Wren Frankenberger, a bright and curious 10-year-old, who wanders the Tennessee mountains behind her house, learning, sketching, and adventuring in this black and white version of Missing in the Mountains.

Nothing will get in the way of Wren finding her cousin. Bears, snakes and blueberry patches won’t slow her down!

Will Wren’s wit and wilderness experience save her cousin?

Will Rattler prove his worth?

Get it now, and join the adventure!

Especially for teachers! This story has a glossary of new vocabulary words perfect for classroom use (grade 2-3).

For a vocabulary lesson plan geared towards grade 2 and 3 go to
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Summer Storm Publishing, LLC
Data wydania: 2019-08-19
Czas trwania: 1H 3M
ISBN: 9781094206950

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