These Brothers of Mine - Rob Dalrymple

These Brothers of Mine

These Brothers of Mine

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While the conflict in the Middle East continues to fester, many Christians advance a theology that perceives these events to be the hand of God. Has God truly brought the Jewish people back to the land in fulfillment of biblical prophecies? Must we truly bless Israel in order to be blessed by God?

Lost in the midst of the turmoil over the Holy Land reside Christian communities. Has the church--in an effort to see prophecy fulfilled--failed to care for the least of "these brothers of mine"?

This book steps into this controversial topic with several aims. First, Dalrymple answers two key questions: Are the Jews still God's chosen people? And does the Holy Land belong to them? Dalrymple contends that just as Jesus is the fulfillment of God's purpose for the Temple, so also Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises to Abraham that he would receive the Holy Land and an uncountable number of descendants.

Dalrymple also responds to some of the common assertions set forth by Christian Zionists: "Many might still ask: 'Why should I care about what happens in Israel and Palestine?' The fact is that we must care. And we must alert the Church that we must care. Too much is at stake. We have Christian brothers and sisters throughout the Middle East in general and in the Holy Land in particular who have been directly impacted by our theological opinions. As a result, the Church cannot be silent. It must not be silent."
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Wydawca: Wipf and Stock
Data wydania: 2015-05-11
ISBN: 9781498208352

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