The Responsibility of Intellectuals - Noam Chomsky

The Responsibility of Intellectuals

The Responsibility of Intellectuals

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Chomsky is a rock star: Bono called him the "Elvis of academia. " Recently featured by the NYT Education Life section (11/6/16), Chomsky is frequently in the news and has recently debunked critiques by the right-winger Tom Wolfe in The Kingdom of Speech (Little, Brown) and by the anthropologist Chris Knight in Decoding Chomsky (Yale).

Profile: Chomsky has such a significant public profile that there is now Chomsky merch available, from mugs to T-shirts and luggage tags (!) to a ceramic garden gnome marketed as "Gnome Chomsky. " He supported Bernie Sanders and predicted the rise of a candidate like Donald Trump long before Trump came on the scene.

Still speaking out: Now 87, Chomsky continues to speak publicly and to publish books and opinion pieces. Asked how he accounts for his amazing energy levels, he credits the "bicycle theory" that "as long as you keep riding you don’t fall. "

Anniversary: Although Chomsky will not explicitly promote this book, we will do our best to take advantage of the 50th anniversary of the original NYRB essay and to tie it to our own 25th anniversary in 2017.

Consistent best-seller: Chomsky is a best-selling author whose books have sold millions of copies.
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