The Publicity Push - Morag White

The Publicity Push

The Publicity Push

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The Publicity Push is designed for the publicity novice and for those who want to selfself-manage their media activities. The book guides the reader through the communication process, explains how to design effective publicity programs, analyses what makes a newsworthy story, demonstrates how to write a media release, discusses the importance of developing professional relationships with the media and how to manage in a crisis. The book is ideal for the small business operator, the arts practitioner or for anyone serious about building a credible media profile. Readers should be able to easily implement the strategies outlined in the book to achieve their goals or, alternatively, use the information to confidently brief a professional publicist. The internet has given rise to the citizen journalist, with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter allowing us all to become active participants in the generating of news. Newsrooms are now completely reinventing themselves, and journalists regularly make 'call outs' via social media to source experts and information for stories.

This easy access to the internet means the public is much more media savvy- social media can create overnight sensations.
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Wydawca: DoctorZed
Data wydania: 2012-09-18
ISBN: 9780987209955

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