The Spiritual Life - Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.L.

The Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life

4 1 5 Autor: Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.L. Czyta: Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.L.
Growing Closer to God

What does it mean to be close to God? In this course, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby will guide you through the most basic principles of the Spiritual Life, defining key terms and analyzing specific biblical verses that will greatly aid both newcomers to Christianity and those who have been Christian for years.

A Spiritual Checklist

In our spiritual journey, it is important for us to have a structure of prayer. Fr. Kirby outlines some key ways in order to help us persevere in this most important task. Some of these points include:

- The Liturgy of the Hours

- Sanctifying the day’s activity

- Morning offerings and evening prayers

Different Stages of the Spiritual Life

Whether one feels like praying or not, Fr. Kirby discusses the importance to do so, addressing the different stages a person may go through throughout the course of his interior, spiritual progress. Using scripture as a basis to teach us how Christ’s life too had moments of suffering and moments of joy, Fr. Kirby expertly shows us how our lives are expected to do the same.

A Universal Calling

The Spiritual Life is not simply for consecrated religious and priests, but for everyone, in every state of life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a hard working dad, or a student in high school or college, God is calling you to holiness. Fr. Kirby shows us the need to faithfully answer this call to holiness and does so in a way that is very practical as well.
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