The Apocrypha - Christopher Glyn

The Apocrypha

The Apocrypha

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'The rarely heard inspirational stories of the Apocrypha brought to life in this unique audiobook'

In Biblical terms, 'Apocrypha' is a much-misunderstood term – and the title belies the immense significance of the 14 books to which it refers, all of which were originally published in the 1611 King James Bible but removed in 1885. Most of those books have always been in the Roman Catholic, Greek and other Orthodox Bibles and therefore are accepted as true Scripture by the majority of Christians. So, although the word 'apocrypha' literally means 'things hidden away', these texts have never 'officially' been considered secret.

Perhaps the best description is Martin Luther's:

'Apocrypha – that is, books which are not regarded as equal to the holy Scriptures, and yet are profitable and good to read. '

In any event, these books are certainly not as well-known and understood as the canonical Scriptures – and who better to bring to light and new life these lesser-heard sacred texts than acclaimed British narrator Christopher Glyn! Best-known for his narration of the hugely popular Complete King James Audio Bible among many other inspirational works, Christopher is the only narrator to have recorded both the Bible and The Apocrypha. Drawing on a thirty-five-year career as a Christian broadcaster and narrator, he delivers these stories in a uniquely expressive style that is filled with wonder at the beauty and power of God's Word, yet which is clear, natural and easy to understand.

The Apocrypha audiobook comprises:

•The romantic tales of Tobit and Judith

•Two valuable books of history: 1 and 2 Maccabees

•The Wisdom books of Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom of Solomon, Baruch, The Epistle of Jeremy and The Prayer of Manasses

•The important Apocalyptic book of 2 Esdras

•Plus additions to the canonical books of Ezra, Esther and Daniel.
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Wydawca: Whitestone Media
Data wydania: 2020-01-23
Czas trwania: 16H 20M
ISBN: 9781912875689

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