The Secret of the Swords - Pernille Eybye

The Secret of the Swords

The Secret of the Swords

4 1 5 Autor: Pernille Eybye
Milar is relieved to be back in the rebels’ valley, but he’s also sad and disappointed in himself, because his mission to Slave Island was a failure. However, Milar has barely set foot in the rebel camp, before he and the rebels have to go on the road again. This time they bring Tanni and Sirra on a mission to find a lost dragon egg in Queen Inis’ city. A dangerous journey lies ahead of them, and soon, Milar will have to fight for his and his friends’ lives.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Tłumaczenie: Michael E.N. Larsen

Data wydania: 2020-01-29
ISBN: 9788758838878

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